Monday, April 30, 2007


Hey folks! I just realized that I haven't posted here for over a month! Oops. Been busy, I just clean forgot! Sorry there, mates.

Well, to kick things off again, let me present a MOC!

Presenting: Steam trike, by Kevoh on Flickr.

More updates coming soon(hopefully.)



smcginnis said...

I was almost on the point of PMing you at CC on this. A tip: Usually, you can find out the real name of a builder with just a bit of work. I'll just list all the ones I know:

Kevoh is Kevin Blocksidge, an admin at CC, there known as Bricksidge.

Faraday81 is Jamie Neufeld.

smartiac is Nathan Proudlove.

imhotepidus is Roy T. Cook.

G2 is George Georgieu (not quite sure on the spelling of his last name).

Glencaer is Lenny Hoffman (another CC admin).

And finally, Timgould is Tim Gould (of course).

Oh, and I'd comment on the MOC, but it isn't showing up. : P


smcginnis said...

Oh, I forgot to mention (and I can't edit posts) that the reason I listed the names and gave you the advice is because real names look so much more professional, not to mention nice.

~smcginnis (hehe, umm...)

Dunechaser said...

Yeah, sometimes you can't grab the image address unless you go into the HTML code for the page. PM me on CC if you need more details.